Feb. 27th, 2015

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Here I sit in Boston Logan Airport - exhausted, jet-lagged yet full of gratitude for going home in a few hours. Europe was terrific, it really was and I have many stories to tell, but I am so ready to be home and not live out of suitcases (and for that matter lugging them around with me from airport to airport). I miss the familiarity of home - of course my dog, my family, my neighborhood, my own bed, having access to all my stuff yet not having to carry everything I own around with me....ect ect.

Bergen was gorgeous, and everyone working in the hotel as well as the festival was so sweet and helpful...and EVERYBODY speaks PERFECT English, so I had no problem communicating. See the education system in Norway is superb, in some ways much better than ours, and everyone starts learning English in 1st grade, and even in through college. Also everyone in Norway is entitled to higher education, so most of them have their Bachelor's or higher, and when they work they are paid quite a bit more than we are. On the other side of that coin, however, everything in Norway is far more expensive - namely food as Heather and I found out when we shopped for ingredients. For example? Cucumbers. They were $4 a piece. $4 PER CUCUMBER. WHAT.

We worked most of the trip, but the shows I did see were amazing and everyone helping us out were as well. We made quite a few friends with some really cool people, and that almost made up for some of the MASSIVE FUCKERY that came with working that gig.

First there was "The Grill Incident" - i.e. probably the most horrible night in either of our lives (and she was a Hurricane Katrina victim).

Let the stories begin... )


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