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I feel like this is my New Year's Day.

Yesterday was my big "Mission Impossible" day. I had hired Two Men and A Truck to do a confidential move. They do those, in cases of domestic violence, stalking, ect. My case wasn't any of that, but in case you're ever curious it is a specific service that they do provide.

I woke up around 6am and immediately had the shakes. I realized that, on top of being nervous as hell I also hadn't really eaten the day before. So for old times sake I got dressed and went to breakfast at The Place To Be, a cheap diner and one of my old favorites a couple of blocks away.

I ordered scrambled eggs and their French Toast (carby and bad, but if any day was a day for comfort food this was it), and I watched the old Greek man behind the counter cook my order, doing what he has been doing for probably 30 years now. The diner is quintessential Americana, with its vintage barstools and bottomless coffee - your typical no-frills classic breakfast place. I remembered all the times I would come here for breakfast with friends, guys I had slept with the night before, boyfriends, ect. The waitress, super quick and also very Greek with a thick accent took very good care of me and never let my coffee get below a half a cup - which is something that used to annoy me but now I really do appreciate.

I'm going to miss this place.

I got home and quietly packed up my iMac and wrapped it in my bedclothes, using my pillows as packing material. When I heard the side door close, I went downstairs and looked out the window. For the last time, I watched John back out of the garage and leave. This would be the last time I ever saw him.

At 8:00am as soon as his car disappeared down the street, adrenaline took over and I immediately got to work unearthing stuff that John had buried on "his" side of the basement that he had decided on his own that he was keeping. He clearly thought that burying the items that he knew I may want would somehow keep me from getting them. How cute. He apparently hadn't been paying very close attention for the last 6 years, because Laura 101 clearly states that:

A.) I'm freakishly strong.


B.) When I decide I want something absolutely NOTHING stops me, and certainly not a pussyass pile of old monitors and shitty kitchen chairs from the 70's.

I dug out my dad's old TV stand (for some reason among "his" said buried things) and the mini fridge from the metal bar we had built in Danielle's house. I gave them a quick cleaning, shoved some of the Tupperware into the fridge and moved on to the upstairs, where I promptly removed the curtains from all the windows there and upstairs as well. It was like my emotions completely shut down and the logical, list-making side of my brain kicked into full gear. I went about wrapping all the champagne flutes and wine glasses ( I left him one wine glass, I'm not a dick), bagging the liquor and the decorations from the dining room he had thought he had hidden so cleverly in the drawers of the china cabinet, snagging the cool tombstones, strobe lights and fog machine from Halloween, my pillow from his bed, and anything else I could find and pack up at the last minute.

At about 8:30am, I got a call from Eric with Two Men and a Truck to tell me they would be there at 9:10am. At promptly 9:07am, they pulled into the driveway. Eric and his moving partner Ivan greeted me, had me give them a tour of every room in the house and then they got right to work. By 10:45am they were all loaded up and ready to go and it was kind of a mindfuck that, with as much stuff as I thought I had, it took up maybe an eighth of their truck. By the time they had stopped and unloaded at both locations (My mom's and then the storage unit), it was barely noon. These guys were QUICK. And professional and friendly and they did an amazing job, so of course I thanked them and tipped them generously.

I made my way to my final destination yesterday of Larry's East Side sanctuary - my home until April. I unpacked the last load from his Pilot, poured myself a glass of wine, slipped on my zombie slippers and sat down to chill for the first time in too long.

It was finally over.

This morning I woke up from one of the best nights' sleep I had in a long time. I shuffled out of the bedroom and down the stairs without a single feeling of dread of seeing John. I wandered into the kitchen and made myself coffee and breakfast without feeling unwelcome or an annoyance to a man who once told me that I was his soul mate. I spent the day UNpacking, hanging curtains where Larry had none and Skyping first with my language partner Danilo in Cologne, then with my newish but wonderful friend Matthias in Hamburg. Matthias and I talked for four hours and I gave him a tour of the wonder and visual candy that is Larry's house.

After I got off the call with him, I chillaxed in Larry's jacuzzi bathtub (hell to the YES), went out and got some falafel for dinner and made the drive out here to Common Grounds - where I currently sit now to tell this story.

Today was a good day. :-)
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