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I'm back!

Before I get into the crazy time I had among my (mostly) Norwegian people, I have to talk about coming home.

Running through airport after airport with far too little time between flights - of which, by the way, there were six....SIX flights - all I wanted was to come home. It wasn't until my sixth (SIXTH, fucking ridiculous) plane made its descent over Cleveland when it just hit me; I really don't have a "Home" to come home to anymore. While last year I had a house I missed sleeping in, a boyfriend I missed sleeping next to and a dog I sorely missed who would snore impressively loud for her size under our bed.

Now what do I have? That same bed - one of the items I salvaged in The Separation - is at my mother's house in her spare room, which she lovingly made up with fresh sheets and pillows. My beloved dog is gone, and I still can't write about her without getting choked up. The boyfriend? Well, we all know what happened to him. I also had Larry's place to come home to, possibly the most comfortable house I have ever been. But it's temporary and not MINE.

Everything that made this "home" for me disappeared one by one this past year.
Now it's just, "Well...back in Cleveland. Yep."

Don't take this as me being ungrateful, of course I know that I could have it a lot worse. I could be out on the streets, or worse still tip-toeing around John's (formerly OUR) house as he has that broad he left me for visit. Both my mother and Larry are so amazingly generous and wonderful to help me out of that mess, and yes I am so eternally grateful to them.

But I've also never been so depressed to be "home" before.

On a somewhat related and lighter note, I actually do have a home Germany! Düsseldorf to be exact! I made the first payment on my place, have the agreement set in stone and I'll be moving in 11/10! What am I going to be doing in between 10/24 and then? Exploring Iceland for a day, then Hamburg! Possibly with Heather, who wants to come with me for that leg of the trip but is also moving to LA this year, so we'll see.

I'll write more in a bit. Right now I'm at Lava Lounge (for old times' sake), I have to pee and it's getting loud in here.

Until then, here are some more fun pics of Blastfest and Norway. ;-)

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