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Well, THAT was awkward.

Last night started out pretty much like any other Saturday night. As per usual weekend protocol I ventured out to the Chamber. A few of my usual lovelies were there; Lucian, Jennifer, Scott....and Christian, who is usually the Saturday night DJ but actually had the night off to frolic for once. He and I hit the dancefloor almost immediately, dancing for hours. And at one point, he and I were dancing *with* each other, a rarity with me as I usually feel awkward dancing with guys. Hell, that one time Dave made that guy dance with me were the most excruciatingly long three minutes of my life.

But dancing with Christian was actually just a lot of fun, I think it's because he loves to dance as much as I do and we have similar dancing styles. Afterward he asked me if I wanted a drink and pretty soon we were arm-in-arm making plans for me kidnap him to Germany. We got flirty, and he got drunk. What he also got was a sudden berating from the girl whom he is living with – who he sort of neglected to mention.

Now in all fairness to him, it was clear that they were once a “thing” yet were no longer but still shared living space. This is a pain-in-the-ass situation to which I can clearly relate. She went off about how he got her pregnant and she miscarried, how he gets drunk and hits on women (gesturing to me) and other such nonsense. This first went down in the basement of the Chamber, and as she went off on him I swiftly excused myself to go upstairs. But rather than standing there and listening to this girl he immediately followed me. He apologized and explained that things were “complicated”, to which I replied, “Obviously”. But he is my friend and I stood at the bar with him and told him it was all good. After all, I'm not exactly in a position to be involved with anyone anyway. At the most I was just looking for some fun. At the least it was good to actually hang out and dance with Christian rather than dance to the music he played from the DJ booth. So either way, things were fine by me.

However the almost-baby-mama drama followed us upstairs and she continued her rant, making sure that I was standing right there to hear everything. I tried to excuse myself again because awkward, but he grabbed my hand and wanted me to stay. After another minute though I took my hand back and stated, “You guys clearly have a lot to talk about, so I'll leave you to it.” Christian looked at me with a helpless, pleading expression as I walked away but I knew better. He's a grown man, and if he wanted to get out of that conversation and eventually that situation he could manage on his own.

Meanwhile, old school NIN was playing and I wanted to dance.

As I left a few songs later, I didn't see either one of them. A part of me worried a bit if Christian would get home okay, but as I said before he's a grown-ass man.

I have bigger plans.
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