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Sitting right now at the nerd bar. Despite John having subtly claimed this as his watering hole, I decided that;

A.) He was stationed at his usual couching position in his jammie pants when I left the house, so I knew he was in for the night.

B.) It's a public place, so fuck him.

It was a bit crowded as I made my way in the door, having secured a solitary table for my laptop and my thoughts.

The bartenders, who once served us both as a couple and had assumed we were married, gave me polite but knowing smiles and I knew instantly that he had told them during one of his visits on the weekends. The one I always suspected him of liking walked away to text and I had a paranoid thought that she was texting him, warning him that I was up here. I wanted to shake it off, but my spidey-sense told me otherwise. No matter, I had every right to be here, my money is just as green as his.The other bartender talked to me like she normally did, but I noticed when she took my credit card for the tab she didn't question why my last name was different than his. She had always called us “The Colemans”, and we had never corrected her.

He's such a dick.

I grabbed my cocktail, a tea-alcohol concoction called “Minerva's Nightcap” after the Harry Potter character. It was tasty, definitely made with tea. I situated myself into my little corner, opened my laptop and slid my earbuds on. This was my universal signal to say “Leave me alone, I'm busy”. Being a nerd bar, I don't have much to worry about with drunk idiots trying to pick me up. They're more interested in their D&D games or talking about Xbox or whatever. But just in case, you know?

It's Trivia Night, and the various teams are huddled around trying to guess the answers to the announcer's at times obscure references and questions.

I put my music on and drowned out the crowd around me.
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