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I had a crazy dream where I went outside on my front lawn because someone I used to date was sitting in a desk on my tree lawn, looking like he was going through paperwork. I went to walk up to him and ask what the hell he was doing, and I hear growling behind me. I looked up and saw a wolf staring at me. I walked to the other side of the guy and he told me to just shoo him away. I explained that he had to stay there because he was male and the wolf wouldn't attack me as long as there was a male around. Another man came up and seemed to own him, and gave the wolf a bottle of beer, and the wolf became more and more human-like, even starting to speak.

As he was enjoying his beer, I started to sneak away toward Kelly and Carrie's house. The wolf followed me, and asked the owner guy what my name was, and he nervously said it was Shelly, like he didn't want the wolf to know who I was. As I hurried, I couldn't help but look back and correct him and tell him' "No it's not, it's LAURA." As I got into Kelly and Carrie's house, I heard the wolf say, "LAURA..?!". I didn't look back to see why that mattered, though. I just shut the door behind me and frantically told Kelly and Carrie what was going on.

In the dream, they had two dogs, a black and white one whose name slipped my mind, and a pink one that Kelly had named after herself (?). We were worried about taking them outside to do their business, so we ended up solidifying a REALLY tall chain link fence that Kelly was already building to fortify their house in case of a riot. Somehow John manifested in the dream, and we all started grabbing random pieces of wood and covering holes so the wolf couldn't get in.

Then I woke up.



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