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Tonight was very much reminiscent of my Chamber Days of Yore back in '05 or so. The place (including the dancefloor) was packed, I got to see some old familiar faces and I danced my ASS off to songs I hadn't heard in far too long.

This was needed, as the news hit this week that the DeFrasias are selling the Phantasy complex. This place has been my second home, a mainstay for me literally my entire adult life from the time I hit my 18th birthday some 17 years ago. For that long it has been my safe haven, my oasis away from the world every weekend where I can either just tune out everything and dance my heart out or sit outside having crazy discussions with whomever happened to be there for the same reasons.

I remember the first time I ever set foot into the Chamber. It was October of 1997, I had just turned 18 along with my pal Melissa from school, and we wanted to check out this new "goth place". I was actually more of a metalhead and she was the furthest thing from being goth, but we had heard about 80's nights on Wednesdays. When we got there, the dance floor was shoulder-to-shoulder PACKED. With the branding of "UNDERAGE" marked quite visibly on our hands with giant black X's, we made our way onto the dancefloor. I saw this guy from school I had an enormous crush on, and he had graduated a few years before I did. He of course barely acknowledged me, but his friend got all up in my shit and I was kind of stuck dancing with him instead. I would much later master the art of removing myself from unwanted advances such as this, but despite it all we had a fucking BLAST and couldn't wait to go again.

This place holds a cornucopia of memories from my life. I've celebrated birthdays, hidden from heartbreak, run from exes, danced and drank my cares away with my friends all under the caring and watchful eye of our Club Mom, Cat. Her included, the friendships forged in this place during these times in my life have made my life what it is today. For all this to have a mortality to me is really a huge slap in the face with the realization that everything really does come to an end eventually. Nothing lasts forever.

I just wish some things would. :-/

More later. This girl is TIRED. ZZZZZZzzzzzz


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