Feb. 17th, 2015

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Well I just got in here about an hour ago, and it's currently a little after 10am. I have to say Icelandair is a nice airline, especially for the price. And while I slept most of my flight in here, I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise over Iceland - which was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, with colors I've never seen before in a sunrise. Riots of bright oranges and reds and vibrant purples and greens...just gorgeous.

As of right now, I'm waiting on my connecting flight to Copenhagen, then finally Bergen where I'll probably crawl into my hotel room and crash as I will have spent the last two days in airports.

Battery's dying. More later.
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Sitting on the floor in the middle of the concourse because it's the only place I could find to charge my phone and tablet...drinking cheap/overpriced airport wine, having not showered since early yesterday. I feel like a hobo.

I'm looking forward to checking into my hotel like you wouldn't believe. I've spent the last two days either on an airplane or in an airport. I just can't wait to sleep in a real bed and not have to walk around carrying everything I own.

Though now I can say with confidence that I am no longer afraid of flying - now I'm just sick of it.

Just get me to Bergen....please....


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